Change is inevitable, but the power of a compelling brand story told at the right time is everlasting.

Early in our Hemline careers, we tuned in to an NPR story on branding. The expert astutely said, “Branding is the convergence of recognition and meaning.”  

A simple statement. So succinct and on the nose—and so Hemline. Since the day we opened our doors, we knew that our firm and our way of doing business lived by that concept of branding. 

When you work with Hemline, you get the skills and perspectives of an all-senior-level team that sees our role as your brand advisor. We draw correlations between who you are and who you desire to reach. We fashion ways to move the needle in a cluttered, noisy space. And we always ensure that your brand promise is reflected in how you present yourself to the public and inside your walls. It’s not simply a process for how we work, it’s how we think—and think and think. 

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on your marketing efforts, let’s connect. Because we know how to thread your brand aspirations into a vetted marketing strategy and tie it all together, seamlessly.

Meet the Team

A client once shared wisdom he lives by in business and in his personal life:
“The key to a successful relationship is character and competency.” 
If you believe this to be true, we should meet. 

Kelley Morice

Partner & Brand Strategist

Cynthia Saatkamp

Partner & Brand Strategist

Andrea Wiley

Partner & Director of Client Service

Derikah Scott

Art Director

Amanda Boulton

Art Director

Tomia Lane

Social Media & PR Coordinator

Brooke Carkeet

Account Manager

Megan Glenn

Digital Brand Manager

Heather Gates

Copywriter & Brand Standards Manager

Jenny Myers

Video Producer

Lots of things can be true at once. It’s how you manage them that makes the difference.

Whether you’re just starting out or decades down the road and a bit out-of-touch, we’re experts at helping you find your voice. Our deep experience in customer experience makes Hemline uniquely qualified for today’s rapid business and consumer environments. Let’s see what happens.

Contact us today to schedule a no-commitment brand exploratory conversation.

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