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Could you be our next Hemliner?

We are always looking for smart, interesting people who can add a new dimension to the Hemline team. We have a different perspective that our clients appreciate and a personal approach to marketing that makes working together feel more progressive, in every sense. Let's do great work together!

Account Coordinator

You’ll be responsible for providing daily support to our account leads insuring everything runs smoothly for our clients, from daily communications, to assigning the creative team tasks that keep projects moving, so we can deliver results, on time, within budget, and everything in between.


Account Manager

We are looking for an effective manager who delivers excellent client service, embraces a positive attitude and a can-do spirit toward day-to-day tasks, and works diligently to constantly be a resourceful strategic partner that delivers creative solutions.


Lots of things can be true at once. It’s how you manage them that makes the difference.

Whether you’re just starting out or decades down the road and a bit out-of-touch, we’re experts at helping you find your voice. Our deep experience in customer experience makes Hemline uniquely qualified for today’s rapid business and consumer environments.

Let’s see what happens.

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