Super Woman in Business: Cynthia Saatkamp, Partner, Hemline Tailored Brand Strategies

During MBJ’s annual Super Women in Business event, each honoree is presented with a cape. Given their individual accomplishments, it seems more than apt.

Let’s consider the powers of the women superheroes in the various universes. They are, to a number, agile. They are flexible and strong. They are known for their speed and endurance. And now in its 11th year, MBJ’s Super Women in Business program recognizes the area’s most talented, innovative, and influential women.

The Super Women in Business were chosen by an MBJ editorial panel after nominations were submitted by the public. The presenting sponsor for the 2023 Super Women in Business Awards is Independent Bank. The Super Women were honored at an in-person ceremony on Thursday, April 20, at the Memphis Botanic Garden. – Susan Ellis

Cynthia Saatkamp led the campaign to launch the Memphis Grizzlies after they relocated the team from Vancouver. That’s enough to deserve a super woman cape, but the big brands don’t stop there. She has handled marketing accounts with Smith & Nephew, LEO Events, Church Health, Ballet Memphis, International Paper, AutoZone, and FedEx.

But there’s one brand that might be the most dear: Hemline Tailored Brand Strategies, which she co-founded with Kelley Morice in 2003. Now 20 years on, Hemline, a women-owned, all-female firm, has more than 75 clients, 10 employees, and $1 million in annual billings.

As her Super Women nominator said, “Cynthia is a force to be reckoned with — a savvy brand marketer, exceptional account executive, and a fierce creative strategist.”

2023 Super Women honoree Cynthia Saatkamp at the podium after receiving her award.

What superpower would best equip someone entering into your profession today?

In marketing, you need them all: speed, foresight, persuasion, positivity, and empathy. But if you can only have one: multitasking.

Who is your biggest mentor?

It is actually not one person, it’s my village. This small group of other entrepreneurs and mothers is not only my daily sounding board, but also my reality check, my extra hands, support staff, cheerleaders, and mental health resource.

What superpowers would one need to possess to become your definition of a “woman of steel”?

My woman of steel would have super vision and super hearing, because serving others around you sometimes requires hearing what’s unsaid and seeing what’s left to be done. Tenacity and resilience to keep going when you’re tired, to ask questions if you don’t know the answer, to surround yourself with the best village who will always have your back, and to always give everything the 110% effort you believe it deserves. And finally, a sense of humor for when things don’t turn out the way you envision them, and a sense of gratitude for when they thankfully do.

The 2023 Super Women in Business class

Lots of things can be true at once. It’s how you manage them that makes the difference.

Lots of things can be true at once. It’s how you manage them that makes the difference. Whether you’re just starting out or decades down the road and a bit out-of-touch, we’re experts at helping you find your voice. Our deep experience in customer experience makes Hemline uniquely qualified for today’s rapid business and consumer environments.

Let’s see what happens.

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